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Ochéré Tam

This song is by DJ Encore.

Only a flickering light inside of me
To let me know what it could be
But these hoppins came neva real
Cause these feelings I kinda fear

And then came the sun... or was it me that reached for it
Whatever it was, you helped me getting through it
Didn't know whether I should trust or ignore you
You've let me no choice, I had to confide in you

When I fell, you took my hand
You've change me with your magic wand
That's your heart, that I'll neva fear
Cause it helped me dry my tears

This passion for you just came bigger
I feel I took your heart a bit closer
But you're still so far
And I'm finding it hard

Through your eyes, kindness I find
Through your voice, I lose my mind
My love for you I can't handle
Cause neva before I've met an angel

Thousand of dreams came true
During this moment that'll last forever
But this moment you'll neva know
'Cause I don't wanna let it go

Ochéré Tam
Ochéré Tam
Ad Vitam Eaterman
Ochéré Tam

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