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This song is by DJ Drama and appears on the album Gangsta Grillz: The Album (Vol. 2) (2009).

A cocaina cowboy, got ounces in my house boy
Bricks stashed in the basement, case a drought I bring 'em out, boy
And I wipe you out, boy, without leaving my house, boy
Remember that before you open up yo' mouth, boy

Yo' woman give me nice jaw, say that you her boy toy
She just give me la choy, treat her like you like her
Breaking down ten bails of kush, I think I need a lighter
Pulled up in my spiker but rolled off in my spider

Thinking like a miser, I'm acting like a tiger
20 bails and show yo' nigga 850 an hour
Gucci Mane and Willie Kid, you silly bitch
The stupidest critics try to rate dis shit
Affiliate the animal, so icey the cannibal

I pistol whip yo' manager, scratch off in the challenger
Vacation in Canada, drop dis shit like dinosaur
40 bones wrapped up wit fruti, all 'em bitches gotta go
I stepped up my visuals, mo' diamonds than yo' jeweler hoe
Gucci Mane, so Icey got mo' diamonds than a jewelry store
Mo' diamonds than a jewelry store Gucci

You talking money niggas, you talking hoes nigga
You talking dope nigga, don't want no smoke nigga

I take advantage, make a body vanish
Then I vanish in the vanquish, my white boys
And Candace got choppas for the low, we moving snow avalanches
Never folding like a pamphlet or flaking like it's dandruff

Control like damage, catch me on the yacht
Sleeping good on a hammock but hood like a sugar sandwich
Put a bandage on my cuts, VVS man
I put a bullet in you and man, yeah, yes man

Willie the kid, I'm a decorated soldier
And I'm stacking bills like Oldsmo, Vaseline and foldgers
Kerosene and loads of brown paper bags
Cash Money like it's krogers, hood stock holders

Stashing never visit the banks much
I put you niggas in the paint like a paint brush
Me and Gucci roll like sushi, bubble like Jacuzzi
Closet full of coogi muthafucker

You talking money nigga, you talking hoes nigga
You talking dope nigga don't want no smoke nigga

Smoke and worth it fool, keep yo' cool
If you do hide yo' plate 'cause we gon' eat yo' food
I got some men I swear will come up out the cuts in groups
Ain't wearing jerseys but they came out to the courts to shoot

You don't want that smoke, boy, I got that choke smoke
Throat hitter shots, you don't believe me nigga watch
See that's how niggas die, trying to know who and why

You the reason yo' whole crew got popped
Popped the rugger top drove half dis nigga head off
His brain sitting 'em like its in a drop
I'm riding hollow tips, 'em ain't spinning Daytons

Keep smoke around me like I'm Sammy Davis
Kush smoking got a nigga looking half Asian
Rolled it up on [unverified] and 20 due in 80
Seem like these niggas hate it since I'm affiliated
I throw 'em E's and 'em A's just to initiate it

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