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Double Time

This song is by DJ Drama.

Y'all act like ya heard me
Instead of bustin' my chopper man
I kiss down on dirt (say what) goin' be in my heart
Cause A-T-L where I'm from
And everywhere be my stompin ground with 3-4-5 ya heard (I heard)
We trane as we kill'em, and no low limit were wit'em
I thought ya taught like ya succas, I can tell when you're weak
That's why I lead to tough succas low haters low punk now friends
Hatin' on drama goin' get you coward
And that means

Ooh I got my jeans and my boots
Ooh I'm tight wit my troops
Ooh My left, right, my left, Ooh lord I'm tight to def
Tight to def!

See I'm a walk like a soujah, stay in TV told ya
I left right, come look here boy, I done told him where I'm from
It ain't no luck, that's the killaz, that's the fiends
From down south, don't charge us with them means
We don't bring it don't slang it
If it don't walk it don't talk it

Either go leave the house and bring your pistal and amor (what)
With D-R-A-M-A goin' do you like rambo
A ten top about fate give me this shit
Foward march

Line em' up shoot em' down (uh huh) like Adolf Hitler (say what)
He talking the talk nigga walk the walk
I don't get down wit no succas, I roll with killaz and high rolls
(I guarantee) smoke rolls like dojahs
Can't get buck I done told ya (can't get me scared)
I'm tight like the 5s---8 and you wearing the twelve
I'ma bust y'all bustaz style the cut to brains (ok)
Burn in the fire punk like a really hot clothes hanger
Blast'em to my last clip
My last on I holla out

Tight to def
For the 2000 y'all
We done tooked over

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