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Country Girl

This song is by DF Dub and appears on the album Country Girl (2003).

Oh yea
Let me tell ya a story
About a country girl
Oh yea

She was a country girl from Cleburne, Texas
In a big city and she liked my necklace (Bling Bling)
So we started talking, while we took a ride
In the big pick-up truck and my hat was to the side (Oh yea)
She was a country girl, from the class of '96
A big booty with some big ole country (damn)
A country name with some country attitude
Say yes Maam, but at times she's kinda rude
A daddy's girl, so I had to watch my ass
Six three, Mr. Hill would whoop my ass
He can't kick it, I'm a city kid
Imagine what would happen if he knew what we did (we did)
Oh yea
I fell in love with a country girl (country)
A city kid in a different world (country)
(Repeat 4x)

She likes country livin' and acoustic guitars
And Kenny Chesney and country bars
And Cadillacs and I couldn't relate
I'm just a concrete kid on a country date
And her dad hated me, mnhmm, I knew it
Didn't like my tattoos, pierced ears and black music
We still chill cow tipping and tripping
With that brush popper shirt flipped back cuz she was dipping (Oh yea)
She was a country girl home cookin' and grubbin' (Hmm)
Ain't used to my style big limos and clubbin' (We be clubbin')
A city kid and I'm doing my thang
I like an old country girl
this is how I sing

I fell in love with a country girl (country)
A city kid in a different world (country)
(Repeat 4x)

Oh yea

A country girl cut off jeans and lollipops
Tequila shots, tube tops and liquor stops
A country girl with them country ways
Livin' big city nights but them country days (Ugh)
A country girl don't understand thuggin' (What)
A country girl tractors and beer chuggin'
A country girl pigtails and care free
No direct dish, just Channel 3 (Oh, wait a minute)

This the only channel you have?
What the?
Oh yea!

I fell in love with a country girl (country)
A city kid in a different world (country)
(Repeat 4x)

Oh yea, Oh yea
Country Girls , damn...taste like chicken

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