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The Mouse And The Mask (2005)Edit

Danger Doom - The Mouse and the Mask
The Mouse And The Mask
  1. El Chupa Nibre
  2. Sofa King
  3. The Mask (featuring Ghostface Killah)
  4. Perfect Hair
  5. Benzie Box (featuring Cee Lo Green)
  6. Old School (featuring Talib Kweli)
  7. A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
  8. Basket Case
  9. No Names (Black Debbie)
  10. Crosshairs
  11. Mince Meat
  12. Vats of Urine
  13. Space Ho's
  14. Bada Bing


Occult Hymn (2006)Edit

Danger Doom - Occult Hymn
Occult Hymn
  1. El Chupa Nibre Remix
  2. Perfect Hair II
  3. Korn Dogs
  4. Sofa King Remix
  5. Space Ho's (Madlib Remix)

Other SongsEdit

  1. A. T. H. F.
  2. A.T.H.F.
  3. Bizzy Box
  4. Korn Dogz
  5. No Names (Black Debbi)
  6. Perfect Hair Ii

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