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​What Happenin

This song is by D4L.

Chorus:what's happenin' (16x)

Verse 1: A blind man can see you can't do it like me partna I'm so sick wit it man somebody call the docta Faibo showed me the central move himself so when he ask I betcha can't do it like me my reply was yep so what's happenin'! I really ain't gone flex my stacks up to fact why yo stacks on deck and to you pill poppers I know what it is see you couldn't afford the rims so you spinnin off the pill and I would tell ya bout my trap but you'll be themselves hey yo Marc not from D4L but from BANKHEEEAAAD! And the bunny the roost to evil then well on my grandmom partna I know I'm goin' to hell so...
Chorus: what's happenin' (16x)

Verse 2: What's happenin' bitch nigga you already know trapsquad young money and ya boy from baker road act hard take ya money I might just break ya nose no warrants straights hundreds and we constantly burnin dro for sho What's happenin' do it like me you know you catch ya boy wit two white freaks but I ain't gone fuck 'm just gone put 'em on the track ya you can do it like me but you must do it like that in fact see imma have to teach yo ass some knowdlege got mo hoes in my cell phone then georgia southern college niggas always wondering why they call me ben wallace if you try to score on me than nigga I'm gone have to block it.
Chorus: What's happenin' (16x)

Verse 3: I smoke (yep), I drank (yep) I am the bank (yep) got wool (yep) got rank (yep) the dro iz ain't the squad and B. R.C we dig get rome get big just like a pic I'm lights and action I don't need no cameras hoe its whateva hoe you don't want no ammor Now do the dance look at yo partna shake his hand then ask 'em wassup I mean what's happenin' and when I say I got it ain't braggin got stacks like steps and made it from trappin what's happenin' lil marc what's happenin' lil charles it ya boy shawty black representing that Trap Squad so

Chorus: What's happenin' (16x)