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That's How (Skit)

This song is by D12 and appears on the album Devil's Night (2001).

(fading in)
Shit can happen
Shit can happen
Shit can happen (throw ya hands up!)
Shit can happen (throw ya hands up!)
Shit can happen (yeah, yeah)
Shit can happen

Kon Artis:
That's right motherfuckers we back
Same slangin
Wilding out on hoodrats that say I act like like I'm too famous
To say hi
And tell 'em what "My Name Is"
But really I'm still nameless...
(music stops)

Kon Artis:
I said hold up, hold up!
I know you didn't just go shit up on that stage, bitch ass nigga.

(Hey, fuck you!)

Fuck me?
(*punches 2 times*)
Crowd: WOOOOH!

Kon Artis:
Muh' fuckin ass nigga...

That's how niggas get fucked up!

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