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Yes Ma'am

This song is by D.R.I. and appears on the album Dirty Rotten LP (1983) and on the album Dealing with It! (1985).

Teacher moves me from seat to seat
All I do is talk
Teacher may I use the bathroom please?
Yes, it's an emergency

Teacher makes me take my test first
I'll take your test
Trapped inside this hourglass
Thoughts of CRASS
I'll give you the answers you want to hear
But I won't conform
Unlike my mindless vacant peers
They're the norm

Exactly what do you want me to say?
Exactly what do you want me to do?
Exactly what do you want from me?
Exactly who do you want me to be now?
Please, classify me
Force me to succeed
Alienate me
Change identity
And watch me change

Finished, may I use the bathroom please?
Yes, still an emergency
Come on, cut me slack
Promise I'll be right back
Just let me go this one last time
And I'll never ask again
Teacher, really, really

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