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Syringes In The Sandbox

This song is by D.R.I. and appears on the album Full Speed Ahead (1995).

There once was a park where the kids used to go
But not anymore 'cause their parents all know
There's junkies and whores and bums drinking beer
And the tragic event that happened last year
Two kids were playing, digging in the sand
One with a shovel and one with his hand
Jabbed by a needle carrying hiv
And now he's infected with the disease
He found syringes in the sandbox
He found syringes in the sandbox
The cops just watch 'cause they're on the take
Maybe the don't know what is at stake
The lives of children, with certainty
Maybe the rest of the community
We're only human, what can you expect?
Just shows the life we're willing to accept
Another drive-by, everyone stares
What it comes down to is nobody cares
He found syringes in the sandbox
He found syringes in the sandbox

[Lyrics: brecht]

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