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You Little Weiner

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album Loggerheads (1993).

O.k., o.k., enough already o.k., o.k., I won't do it again you beat me, you beat me, I admit it uncle, uncle, I won't do it again all right, I'll let you go this time. ha ha ha - you can't get me ha ha ha - you stupid gimp ha ha ha - hey, pigface you're a real wimp let me, let me, let me go no, no, I won't say it again mercy, mercy, I really promise please, please, I won't do it again this is your last fucking chance, you little fucking weiner ha ha ha - you're full of crap ha ha ha - you're ugly too ha ha ha - you big fat pig you can't catch me I got you, I got you, got you now I'm gonna mutliate you now I'll kill you, I'll kill you, you won't fool me you've had it, you little weiner I'll fuckin' kill you I'll fuckin' kill you you're dead meat I'll fuckin' kill you

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