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Witch Hunt

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album Loggerheads (1993).

if you're scraping by on spuds or rice on the budget of a mouse or you room inside a house that should be condemned then the strangled cries as the dollar falls that echo through the town mean that if you're out they'll also kick you down chorus it's time to spill some blood the witch hunt is on and who better to sacrifice? so the people cry that they're hard done by with their houses, boats and cars and they whine and moan about spending and restraint so the government tries to turn the public eye to a problem barely there so the real tax grab bums can avoid the stare so they send out spies on the welfare rolls and they catch a few that they brand as cheats people who can barely get through a month make their life worse hell is it worth the cost? chorus it's time to kick some butt a with hunt is on and who better to sacrifice?

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