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The Agony And The Ecstacy

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album Murder (1990).

The agony and the ecstacy, the agony and the ecstacy, the agony and the ecstacy
Well bein' alive is tough you know
One minute your up an' the next your low
But you let the chips fall where they may
Cause every dog is gonna have it's day
So to finally get that one shot to show the world, just what you got ya take a chance, ya make your deal
But all the time, ya don't know which one, your gonna feel
[Chorus:] the agony and the ecstacy- some gotta win, some gotta lose
The agony and the ecstacy,- ya know ya might, cry the blues
The agony and the ecstacy- but ya might get lucky, ya just might
Ya gotta dig, ya gotta fight, ya gotta try to make it right
Yeah, come on make your move
What else is left, that ya got to lose
Let 'em know, ya don't give a damn this time your gonna make a stand
It's now or never, put it on
Ain't gonna worry, about the right or wrong
An't take victory, from the jaws of defeat
Cause you know goddam well that ya gotta, ya gotta ya gotta feel

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