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Rosemary's Baby

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album 13 Flavours Of Doom (1993).

Innocence, that magic day
You've told yourself, you've changed your ways
You've joined society an end to your debauchery
Who knew what's to come
Pleasure leads to pain
There's a new one in your life
Now the rules change
Chorus: cold sweat, runny eyes
Short of breath, barely alive
Drag yourself to the very brink
Sleep deprived, still can't think
And now it's clear just what you've scored
Many years in hell is your reward
And your house, a prison wing
And you're the warden for that evil thing
To make your escape there's nothing you won't pay
What was once an arduous task seems more like a holiday
(Chorus) in no time at all look how much you've aged
Now you look at the outside world fading in the haze
(Chorus) cold sweat, runny eyes
Short of breath, barely alive
Day and night, melt in time
Torture's face is a baby's cry
Baby's cry, baby's cry

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