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Dead Men Tell No Tales

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album It's Not Unusual (1993).

Hey joe, remember that geek back in '83
Yeah, I know that stiff, I'll see him in hell
He was in d.o.a., that's what they say
But he was never the same after the accident
It was kind of messy, he bled pretty bad
And the way he twitched, I thought he was mad
But I made sure, he wasn't in pain
When I backed up the van I squished him again
Chorus: dead men tell no tales
Dead men don't try blackmail, they smell bad and they're kind of pale
Yes, dead men tell no tales
Hey joe, what about that gig on the east coast
Oh yeah, those slimeballs, the ones you wanted to toast
They ripped us off and stole our van
Then they paid the cops, to throw us in the can
But I was out for a beer when I saw those two
I could see they were looking for a geek to screw
But down in the alley, I caught 'em alone
You couldn't hear the chainsaw, when they screamed and moaned
2nd chorus: dead men tell no tales dead men don't try to blackmail
They can't rip ya off when they're 6 feet under dead men tell no tales
1 down, 2 down, 3 down, 4 down, 5 down, 6 down, 7 down, 8 down, 9 down, 10 down (1st chorus) 3rd chorus: dead men tell no tales, dead men don't try blackmail, they can't trash your van or drink your beer

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