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Beatin' Rock'N'Roll To Death

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album 13 Flavours Of Doom (1993).

You see them on stage like a bunch of creeps
They're grindin' out some crap like steamin' heaps
They got their make-up kits on their hairspray tour
Prefab rehash the band de jour
Chorus: what you see is what you get
Beatin' rock'n'roll, beatin' it to death
They wiggle their butts and shake their poodle doos
Beatin' rock'n'roll, beatin' it to death
Grab your jeans rip the right spot
Move to l.a
An' grab your crotch
Put your hands in the air, cause you know it's the most
Stuff in your earplugs in and stick your fingers down your throat
(Chorus) they say they gave their lives to rock'n'roll but I'm gonna have to dump 'em into a 6 foot hole

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