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Banana Land

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album Murder (1990).

Well there's a land up in the north
Where they dress in furs an' they carry skis
And most of the people there attack their land to get their daily needs
And in the wealthy land, humungous forests grew
And the place grew rich beyond belief and now the wealth that they once had now forces people to their knees
[Chorus:] welcome to our banana land, our representatives exploit the land
In the tradition of the father land
Now there's a land up in the north where they work on both sides of the street paying workers just enough to live and nothin' when they're out of trees
[Chorus] they got rich off our wood made as big a mess as they could
Put a stooge in the driver's seat spend their winters in heat
Tied the system in a knot
Made us beg for what we got
Turned the natives into slaves send them early graves
Gave the people a great gift
Made a park from the trees they left dedicated to the men who so kindly left one stand
And in the north, the people o this land don't know their goddamned history
A constant eye gazing from above called our freedom that's their legacy
That's their legacy, that's their legacy
Chopping down our trees, dust and diesel everywhere pullp mills on the breeze
Uh oh!

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