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Afrikana Security

This song is by D.O.A. and appears on the album Murder (1990).

Sitting home all alone, been that way for a long long time
Waiting for that know on the door
And there they'll stand with a search warrant in their hand
Cuts like a knife in an open sore
[Chorus:] afrikana security - at my door, threatening
Afrikana security - can't get their smell out of the house
Afrikana security - questioning, smashing glass
Afrikana security
Getting tips from civilian spies doesn't matter if they're truth or lies
Better watch every move that you make
If your white don't mix with black
Unless you want police on your back
Exile or jail, that's the facts
[Chorus x2] they came around the wealthy town pushing people all around came to protect money came to protect money
Came an' then they left made a fuckin' mess
To stop the freedom flow
To stop the freedom flow

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