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We Don't Play

This song is by D.C. and appears on the album Hype Music (2015).

What you think this is a game? You should know we don't play
If you didn't know it then I promise you gon' learn today
You can say what you say, you can spew off all your hate
But you can listen to these lines 'cause I'ma set this record straight
I'm spitting for the first time on a beat that I didn't create
But if you think that means I'm falling off, that would be a mistake
I still bring the heat even when I'm on a track that's made by another man
I ain't falling off, I'm just stretching my network, call me a rubber band
D. Mills on the beats, D.C. on the mic, I'm spraying off rhymes like guns that blast
Putting rappers on blast that be putting out trash, show them why their songs don't last
Your song is hot for a good five weeks, then after that it's a blast from the past
But I ain't about all that, I'ma spit that real whether slow or fast
Going harder than Vince Carter in the NBA, when he was dunking over seven footers back in the day
We blowing up like a cannon when it bang; coming harder than a bull, that's Luol Deng
I'm calling all the shots, no triggers; run your block like I was making six figures
You do with your hand, I do it with my pinky finger; I was on my grind while you was sipping on your liquor
I'm super high but don't smoke no weed, 'cause the Most High is all I need
He's given me ability, so high-quality is guaranteed
Guaranteed, that's guaranteed; the truth is real, that's guaranteed
You braggin' about your murder game? That's just so embarrassing
The truth hurts sometimes, hope you ain't gon' be cryin'
And Lil Wayne's only good song was Kobe Bryant
You do know that's Vino?
I'm making y'all look like Westbrook ... zero

D.C. and I'm back again, you can see what I'ma do with the pad and pen
I get in the booth and I don't play no games, but when I did you know I had to win
Get up on the beat and I'ma spit it for a minute, if you thinkin' I'ma quit it better think another minute
Every syllable I hit it 'cause you know that I'ma kill it, better feel it or get with it or you finna be on my hit list
Fakeness is my rival, so you'll never catch me idle
I'm running hard all the way to the tape, bet I got that from the Bible
I'm spitting real on every track, tryna start a revival
'Cause too many dudes is putting on façades, but the truth to me is vital
Too many people claim a game even when they ain't in it
You ain't gotta be from the hood to rap, but you need to be authentic
Some cats think they hard as nails when they talk about how they lived it
But I'll never say that I started from the bottom when I know I didn't
Got deep meaning in all my words, but still stay fly like all the birds
It's what I do like all the verbs, getting y'all what y'all deserve
I certainly don't slack off, so haters better back off
I listened to that Thi'sl, so I'm about to snap off
I'ma stand up for what I believe, if you don't like that in y'all can leave
I know I know, you can't ball with me; my flows too bright for y'all to see
I'm hitting homers like Odyssey, flinging rhymes up off of me
I'm far from perfect so pardon me, but these bars just come so flawlessly
I throw lyrical punches, do rhetorical crunches
Taking out cats in bunches, I'm eating haters in lunches
I told y'all I don't play around, I'm doing better than these acting clowns
My lines hit harder than the fighting match between Mayweather and Pacquiao
But let me remind you why I came, to spit the fire, incinerate
Eliminate and obliterate, but I still gotta reiterate
I hope you hearin' this, and your ears are working okay
This rap right here is serious, and that's because we don't play


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