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I'd Be Lyin'

This song is by D-Side and appears on the album Stronger Together (2004).

I still remember how your lips felt
And how your kiss melted mine,
Oh baby, I still get chills when I hear our song,
Cause it takes me back in time,
I lie awake, and your memory haunts me,
I start to shake cause it kills me you don't want me,

If I told you that I don't wanna hold you,
I'd be lyin', 'cause I'm dyin' for you,
If I told you it don't hurt me to see you again,
I'd be lyin', 'cause I'm cryin' for you,

I miss the touch of your body so much, that I'm ready to
Jump out of my skin, whoa,
The way you move mekes me crazy,
'Cause I know, that well never be together again

It tears me up when I think of your smile, girl,
And all the love that's been missing from my world,

I never told you a lie before, and I won't start now,
Don't know even how, cause girl I'd be lyin', oh
I'd be lyin', lyin' to you,
To you, you know I'd be lyin', lyin', lyin',
Lyin' to you, lyin' to you, baby you know that I can't breathe without you

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