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This song is by D-Side and appears on the album Stronger Together (2004).

Well I've noticed that lately your looking sad
And I've got this feelin' someone's treatin' you bad
I can't stand to see you cry it makes me mad
Cos you're so beautiful, magical in love

I'll be what you need what you're lookin' for
Anything you want you can have it all
I'll be the one to show you love
You can have it all
I'll be everything that you need and more

Need somebody that can understand your world
Not someone who's gonna step on you like dirt
Dob't forget the times he left you in the rain
And you called my name and there I was again


Anything you want me to do girl
Anything to show you that my love is true
Anything you want me to say
Cos you're the only girl that makes me feel this way
Anything you want me to be
Gotta be sure that you will stand by me
Gonna do whatever it takes
Just say the word, say it baby


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