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T. Waters Freestyle

This song is by D-Block.

{Hey Mario!}

(T. Waters)
Ey! T. Waters comin' straight from Savannah, Georgia
You know what it is, T-Dot done hooked up with D-Block
Yo (ah ye-yeah-geah-ge-GEYEAH)
No matter the weather, got the mac or beretta
To tear the back off a felon, nigga I'm strapped for whatever
And down for the cause, I bust around of applause
Fuckin' 'round with my dawgs, or fuckin' 'round with them laws
That was probably y'all, makin' the block hot
Got half of the block knocked, so I got the glock cocked
All you heard was (pop pop) gunfire (stop drop and roll)
Or get rolled over, I told ya boy
Guns don't kill people (nah)
It take a nigga behind the trigger to make it lethal (yes sir)
And the illegal Desert Eagle with a flock of seagulls
I'm blowin' trees in the Regal with my two amigos
Nigga you seen me pull it
Up from the waist, put it up in your waist
Put the barrel in your mouth now tell me how that taste
Boss that and flee the state in the middle of a case
With no panky ring, I'ma put the middle in your face
If you want a brick, catch it off the side of the rim
Or mention my name, they'll tell you to come get it from him
I'm where the birds at, the inner city where the curbs at
And them jack boys'll take it if you don't deserve that
My niggaz serve that, pure white snow like Christmas
And this shit's guaranteed to do better than his shit
Rich shit, off the lot, just wish y'all shit would get hot
When them pigs sit on the block, watch me distribute rocks
Nigga catch me heavily blunted, bring it to whoever that want it
The head or the stomach, the led'll be comin'
Hotter the barrel, movin birds, my eyes on the sparrow
All I do work these niggaz, they call me the Pharaoh
Motherfucker! Yeah
T. Waters lettin y'all know what time it is, y'knahmtalkinbout?
T-Dot, D-Block, Styles P, Jadakiss, Sheek, J-Hood
Yeah, raw buck, is how we puttin' it down
E'rybody knahmtalkinbout?
From Savannah, all the way out yonder, y'knahmtalkinbout?
Let's get it poppin', ya heard?

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