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This song is by D-A-D and appears on the album No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims (1989).

Yeah! I heard a phone ring from deep down within
A friendly voice whispering under my skin
Yeah I! have to stop my enterprise below
But I'm not so sure the guy will let me go...
Yeah my girls says I'm overdressed, & my god says nothing at all
Yeah! It's funny how I'm in hip-deep, feels like the devil's got my soul
Oh oh oh Overmuch, I'm too much I'm overmuch
I'm way over Overmuch
I'm too much I'm overmuch
I'm way out of reach and way out of touch

And I roll on the floor, that's what the floor is for
And I walk out that door, that's what the door is for!
In the night I'm way out of sight
But in the day I keep getting in the way, Yeah!
You see my friends says I'm over the top & I should chill out the while
But you can see it in my face and my smile, I'm gonna stay for a whil-i-i-i...
Overmuch, I'm too much I'm overmuch
I'm way over overmuch
Too much, Too overmuch
Much much much much Overmuch... Ah Yeah!
Overmuch, I wasn't born as such
Overmuch, But I've become way, I've become way way way way overmuch!
I'm too much I'm overmuch!
I'm way over overmuch!
I'm way overmuch!
That's what I am, Yeah! I'm overmuch, I'm too much
Yeah, tell me again... Overmuch!
I'm not like other men... Overmuch! Oh I'm too much I'm overmuch!