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We Are In There You Are Out Here (2007)Edit

Dúné - We Are In There You Are Out Here
We Are In There You Are Out Here
  1. The Last Dinosaur In Congo
  2. No Speed (Naciskajacy Czas)
  3. Bloodlines
  4. John Wayne Vs Mary Chain
  5. Jack Beats Jim Leads
  6. Dry Lips
  7. Repeat It
  8. A Blast Beat
  9. 80 Years
  10. Why Disciplin Control?
  11. Robot Beat
  12. Go Go Valentina

Enter Metropolis (2009)Edit

Dúné - Enter Metropolis
Enter Metropolis
  1. Time To Leave
  2. Heat
  3. Memories
  4. Let Go Of Your Love
  5. Final Party Of The 21st Century
  6. Please Bring Me Back
  7. Revolution
  8. Heiress Of Valentina
  9. Everybody Fights The Lust (Bonus Track)
  10. Remember (Bonus Track)
  11. Get It Get It
  12. Victim of the City
  13. To Metropolis

Stages (2009)Edit

Dúné - Stages
  1. Stages

Leaving Metropolis (2010)Edit

Dúné - Leaving Metropolis
Leaving Metropolis
  1. Heiress Of Valentina (Princess) (Single Version)
  2. The World Is Where We're Heading (Stages)
  3. Million Miles
  4. Searching For Space
  5. Victim Of The City (James Kayn Mix)
  6. Revelation

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