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Blessed Through Misery

This song is by Dååth and appears on the album The Hinderers (2007).

Trained perversion
On whose back we ride
Peace through misery
Gibbous hunchback
Harmful vision
Scabbing over your eyes!
Blessed through misery
Blessed our castle to shame

Whose opinion nullifies
Thoughts from the brain
Decaying evidence...

Unmeasured/sent down/under me
Put on/the garments of disease
Sent out to breed...

Lay down on me/with your somber dream
Lost/souls they seek/undead company
Ripe from rot/intangibly
The dead shall pave/the way from here/beyond
Fill their mouths/with dirt
Uncircumcised/of lips/that have no voice
Compassion is grounded/our face turned in shame
Of course they'll give it to me/a person of disease...


Written by:

Eyal Levi; Michael Kameron

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