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transient as the seasons change, the flowers scatter
my memories, washed over by the lukewarm rain, were touched

if I close my eyes, you are laughing; my heart is so filled that my feelings overflowed

"goodbye..." the rains beat down on me until I am erased
you gave peace to my endless sorrow

I'm drowning in this gloom that cannot be concealed
my sighs are deep; I was thrust down into the darkness

ceaseless rain... it's futile; alone I tread forth, hand in hand with strength

painfully my trembling thoughts search you out
I won't forget a second time; a gentle voice scorches strongly

shining drops fall along the abelias(1), wavering gently
softly the light heals even the great thirsting earth
mingled into the rain, my feelings dissolved until they too flow...

goodbye... in the map of the future, you are not there
though I go on I don't forget; the miracle of a reunion with you...

reflecting my unravelling thoughts, the sky cried...

I wanted to be together with you forever...

(1) The kanji reads ABERIA, and I had to guess what that referred to. The best candidate was "Abelia", a genus of flower that include honeysuckles.