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Give Myself Away

This song is by D'Sound and appears on the album Doublehearted (2003) and on the album Smooth Escapes - The Very Best Of D'Sound (2004).

So solid, stone-solid pain
Sitting on my rooftop, staring at a garbagecan
Give me just a real good credo
To get me through the day

It seems to me that they all retreat
Newspaper's writing all about my big defeat
Couldn't care less
What they say about me on the street

I give myself away
And nothing is all right
And nothing feels ok
I give myself away
And I have gone astray
I give myself away
And everybody knows
I still miss him...

Found a straycat and I took him in
Fed it and gave him some love
'Cause he looked so thin
Now he's doing fine
But look at the mess that I'm in

Everybody knows, 'cause everyone can see
Just about all that is wrong with me
Everybody claims with just one look
You can read me like an open book
I don't have an armour, I don't have a shield
Sitting here and waiting for the pain to yield
Don't know how to pretend

I give myself away

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