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​Ode To Venus

This song is by Czesław Niemen and appears on the album Ode To Venus (1973).

Hear my tuneless songs
That found a way to rhymes of pain
I have praised you long,
Long before I knew your name.

O Goddess of all spheres
The fairest soul my eyes have seen
The riddle of your fears
Conceals a proud, inhuman queen.

You're all divine, you're all but mine
To my love there is no end
It's grown beyond the false or true
Eternity is my best friend
I'll wait for you.

I have sung my heart of hearts
My own true self
I haven't lied with but one sound
And you were unable
To colour the paleness of your cheeks
With a blush of confusion.
O wretched creature
Do you now how much tenderness
Has a branchy, weeping willow
Listening intently to the music
Of the wind -its supreme lord?

Bowing by the roadside
Hasn't it more beauty
Than the proudly, silent splendor
Of your marble countenance?

Listen thou to the last complaint
Of my restless blood
And be thou born of the spirit
And be thou blessed without the halo
Without a crown of glory.

O Venus
I dreamed of love, now new begun
I learned you too can gleam
O Venus, Venus, Venus
My song is sung, my prayer's done
Thought cold, your stars will beam!