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Solemnities of May

This song is by Cytotoxin and appears on the album Plutonium Heaven (2011).

A lovely day in may, the sun is shining
Prepare for the proud may solemnities
Wear your best clothes, revalue yourself
Chest out, back straight and walking tall

Follow the tradition, fulfilling customs
Free your mind and honour the state
Your whole town is contaminated
No reason to cancel the event

We can evacuate you reviled later
When the time has passed
If it is too late we have no rush
And can proceed prudent

Cartridges re-recorded or removed
Films disappeared from the archives
All photos of that day were confiscated
Getting routine in hushing occurrences

Only a set of pictures survived the cleaning
No memories, no fingerprints, no faults detected
Igor kostin's secret archive of pure truth
One memory, 10 fingerprings, one life infected

Politburo has selected an idiot
He hides his uncertainty and wearing his poker face
High-profiled figure-head of reputation
Side by side, in acid air
Celebrate with the civilians you doomed
But the fault weights heavily
And to free himself the man of state
He reaches for the rope and hangs himself

You are dead, guilty and contaminated

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