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2 Minutes for 2 Years

This song is by Cytotoxin and appears on the album Plutonium Heaven (2011).

The reactor as a sea of despoilment - exit area
Bury the conpetence, arise in ash
Collective collapsed in a pandemonium - actiong trivial
It's the fee reality in the invoice of science

No time to inform the subordinates
About the longs of atrocity

Act in discipline
Forget what you have been
Mercenary of doom
Search for ascendancy
Determine the unknown
Execute your commands
Sterilize all doubts

Mercenaries, prototypes, determining the unknown
Determine - the unknown!
Determine - the unknown death!

Soldiers replacing robots, to clean the roof tops
Evaporated in atomic fog, a muted work flock
Reprimanded by duty and driven by dense obedience

Recruited cannon fodder shovelling atomic waste
Contaminated garbage in bare hands, new identity
New identity

2 minutes in the reactor
For 2 years of army
Even seconds are sufficient for contamination
Entrails alienated fith brutal radiation
Militia years credited for the gas mask service
3000 lives get dumped

Be proud of your
Collected merits
Your last mission is
To waste yourself
Soiled and gone

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