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Lightning Strikes

This song is by Cypress Hill and appears on the album IV (1998).

1st verse

All We Need is Some Soul Speed
Attention All Personnel, The Time Has Come
Attention All Personnel, Ah!
Attention All Personnel
The World's Famous, The World's Famous Cypress Hill
The World's Famous, Cypress Hill, Cypress Hill
The World's Famous Cypress Hill, Cy-Cypress Hill
The World's Famous
Attention All Personnel, Attention All Personnel
The Soul Assassin Button Has Now Been Activated
The Time Has Come, Attention All Personnel
Cypress Hill, Cy-Cypress Hill
Cy-Cy-Cypress Hill, Full Watt!
Full Watt! Attention All Personnel
Cypress Hill, Full Watt!
Cypress Hill, The Time Has Come

Sen Dog

Ain't takin' nobody back wit' me
It's on to the end anybody who wanna hit me
Ain't lookin' back puttin' it all on the line
Don't give a fuck bring the ruck one time
And now I think we should all get
Down and busy, pay it forward
Leave it spinning till you're dizzy
Niggas say who is he?
But I know for a fact
Same fool that's watchin'
Is the one who'll stab your back
So make a plot patrol nonstop
Know exactly who comes on the block
Take no prisoners put that in effect
Get the name from your set
And Tat it on your neck
Let these motherfuckers know who got next
South side Cypress Hill
Out here catchin' wreck
And show your respect
When you step up to me son
Don't imitate cause my style ain't in season
Go back to the lab up grade to chump
Get a new funk on before you get dumped on

Clear The Way Fool
Here I come With That Suicide Dawn

Melt down, takin' you home the unknown
Count down, hittin' the ground the seeds grown
Downtown, creepin' through alleys the dark night gets lit up
When lightning strikes get up.

2nd verse

Take a ride, when lightning strikes
City lights are gleamin' no sunshine,
No California dreamin'
The demon is roamin' on the loose
Who got juice suffer abuse
When electric currents are induced
Soul shocker lockin' on rock on the brain waves
What you clockin' on I'm droppin' a bomb you get maimed
The games you play look up and say you wanna change
And rearrange its strange you never go that way
Don't look back, forget that
You need that, just sit back
Look at the show and see that
Display the raw power, black out
Even the score, open the door and break out
Leap in alone to unknown fury, blind rage
Move aside, get fried and make the front page
Center stage you ask the task to leave quick
Or suffer the pain leavin' no hope to be fixed
Your heart beat pumpin your blood high pressure
Look at you stuck in the mud
Bring in the stretcher
Strapped down ready to roll to God knows
Tears coming down of buckets of rain slow

Melt down, takin' you home the unknown
Count down, hittin the ground, the seeds grown
Downtown, creepin' through alleys, the dark night gets lit up
When lightning strikes get up

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