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This song is by Cypress Hill and appears on the album Cypress Hill III (Temple Of Boom) (1995).

Livin' in the city of the scandalous, shiesty mother fuckas
Can't even trust my own brothers,
So who can I choose to trust ? me that's who.
Niggas want a piece of the pie, fuck off and die.
Jealous, envious, fools wanna rush this.
Loco cuban ass nigga with the cash shit.
Mother fuckers better get your own
And leave mine alone forty five ways to get domed.
I send out the invitation,
To the party of your elimination.
I got peeps that play for keeps...
Now I'm layin your ass down to sleep.
But every hustler wanna be ballin
But don't got the ball's for the shot callin.
I pull strings, the don king;
Only in America can I hustle and flex my muscle.

Where can I roam to get my hustle on,
Killafornia stackin the chips got the full clips.
Loaded and cocked used to run with a glock;
Nina milimeter sig lightin up the fuckin' block now,
Who you gonna trust? who can you trust?
I don't know, but if your comin' on my corner; I'm gonna bust.
You can't handle us, devious, dangerous,
Criminal mentality, insanity.
I move weight from state to state.
All the niggas movin weight can you relate.

Where can I chill to get my hustle on,
In the alley way comin' up all night long.
Fuck workin at MC' dee's
I'm rollin' with the o.z's, and the q.p's
Puffin on tree's.
Who you gonna trust? who can you trust?
Not that shady mother fucker in the city of scandalous.

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