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Hits From the Bong (T-ray's Mix)

This song is by Cypress Hill and appears on the EP Unreleased & Revamped (1996).

Hits from the bong...

Take it, pack it, fire it up, come along and take your hit from the bong
Put the pipe down just for a second
Don't get me wrong it's not a new method
Inhale... exhale... just got a ounce in the mail
I like the blunt or a big fat cone
But my double barrel bong is gettin' me stoned
I'm skillet, just want to rent side don't spill it
It smells like shit on the carpet, spill it
Don't stop smoke when I get it clean

Is some of it... haha I can't
Understand the rest, and I'm bored now. Have fun!

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