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Here Is Something You Can't Understand

This song is by Cypress Hill and appears on the album Stoned Raiders (2001).

Yeah Bitch, Dogpound and Cypress
You Fuckers what you think about that
B wizzle You know it, my chizzle&
Yeah with Muggs
What it is &. Sen Dog!
Get it real Gangsta!

Bitch you try to spit on, you best get on
Before things start to happen and I lose my calm,
Cuz I just wanna puff weed and tip my cup (Yeah),
Smoking on a Kush Weed, not ginving a Fuck,
Rhyme Flow, Mack-o-hoes,?& Stack dough!
But niggas wanna do Shit to make me reexoed, so&
Insane in the Brain, let it rain on a bitch nigga
Haning on my chain cuz you runnin into &. a rich nigga
You can t feel me without the br..ill
I m like that Shit that will catch you without the yale ???
Make busters pay & cuz they see too much
*But really all they want was just me and Kurupt*
(Chorus 4x)
Here is something you can t understand
How I Could just kill a Man
Penetentionaries stop for centuries
They got to be real like me and B-Real
See you shot, you rhyme but we kill
Concentrate unload an on Steal
Tippin ya head up Nigga, yes we will
Riding on nigga that when the ma... spilled
Pistols launch up and travel like & animals& and &
What you gonna get, nigga? &.
I seek the hot girls, so struck by
Get em up drive by,
Watch em gone drive by
Yeah paranoid,
we drive by
till we die
You Nigga s really don t know Shit,
I treat niggas like hoes with they silly long g*
(Hook 2x Kurupt)
Here is something that they just don t get
I don t Give A Fuck Nigga, nigga I don t give a Shit
Here is something that they just know
Back/Crack to Fo, dipping through the back door
This is a dope blast
Cos I ain t finished,
We re like a pack of *panorama*
In Your *Soul Assessino*
Attackin you, till there is nothing left for your mama
East side niggas,
Do you wanna die,
Hitting Switches in the Cadillac
Getting thru real high, coz we live this & this
B really fast&&

(Sen Dog)
I m ignoring all this dumb shit
Cuz these vatos can t hang
With the maddog I m here with that thang
Dump on that ass if you fuck with my business
Stop Pop, and drop all of you
Withness Glock slug and unlock
if you listen Buck shots,
hardstop up his snitches
That s what you get when you fuck with the real
Hardcore Nigga said: Pack That Steel
(Chorus 4x)
Here is something you can t understand
How I Could just kill a Man


(Hook 2x)
Here is something, that I think you just can t understand
And you wonder why and how it is I could just kill a man
You see, in these streets I pack my heat cuz should it be for real
And if you think you wanna come and test me then come there with a steel

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