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Funk Freakers

This song is by Cypress Hill and appears on the album Cypress Hill III (Temple Of Boom) (1995).

Let me introduce myself
I'm the one who rose the cess
So don't you forget
Bad rolled ya help
But you still be trying to push buttons
But you ain't nothing, no fronting
I bring the level up a little louder
In the clubs in the jeeps in the after hours
Fools on the street want to feel the funk
Lookin for the skunk that's what you want
Ya better, sit back and let the track flow
Like smoke in your lungs from puffing on the endo
Rythems upside ya brain
Can ya hang can ya maintain
Can ya feel the funk flowing in ya veins
Get ya fix and a bag of tricks
And the mixer got the stix and stones a few bricks
I'm gonna hit em high, he's gonna hit em low
Open up your mind so that you can feel the flow
On and on till there all gone fools be runing
But they won't last long

(I'm the freaker) x 8

People always want to get what you got
No matter what
Can't together themselves in the big hunt
In the quest for the crown and the jewels
And the cheese muther f*cker please
And the mees want to plot against me
With envy in there hearts
But I rip there sorry arse apart
In a minute I can take it to the limit
Tempreture rising now so highsing

Coming back in with the lows
For the fools
F*cking up beako's and any body for fools (anybody fools)
The number one skunk freaker
A cypress hill beaker (the cypress hill sleaker esse)
Blowing a hole in your speaker
You don't want to test the phero
The real one or the wedo
Slanging rythems to the ghetto
Ya best keep your arse in check (come on)
Little muther f*uckers that show respect
And what's next the big brown taking you down (and what's next)
How you feel when your sorry arse can't hang with the hill (with the hill)
(little punk)

(I'm the freaker) x4
Can you feel the effects of the chocolate ties
Nobody even knows how I kick the flow
Slow down coz your coming up to fast
You might get smacked down
Coz you got no class
No code now i'm getting down the road
My shits the bomb to explode
Take cover you get blown to bits

Fades out