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Holy Fallout

This song is by Cynic and appears on the album Kindly Bent To Free Us (2014).

A star at dawn
A bubble in a stream
A flash of lightning in
A summer cloud
A flickering lamp
A phantom and a dream

Chained to grindstones at your feet
Behold what you're afraid to see
Dear world
I can't offer an explanation
There's no one here but love

No conflict
No mind tricks
Mother Earth guide my ship
Comfort me
Despite me
Oh mercy, radiate your grace on me

Out of the ground
Where I hide my tangled head
To the North Star
And the alchemy is met
Dear world
I can't offer a reservation
There's no one here but love

Laugh and spit
Into the air
Laugh and spit
There could be
There should be
There will be holy fallout

No conflicts
No mind tricks
Comfort me
Remind me

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