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This song is by Cynergy 67 and appears on the album Project: Assimilation (2009).

My life is turned around again
Don't know where I begin or where I end
So many times I've wanted to change your mind
To take away all the pain inside

I look in your eyes, I don't like what I see
An emptiness that is filling me

And then you left me standing there
Alone and afraid to face the dark
Sometimes I wonder if you ever really cared
Or was this your plan from the start?

I look in the mirror, I don't like what I see
The emptiness now consuming me
I wish I could fill what's been torn away
This piece of me that I hope to find some day
Some day

In time you came around again
& promised me that you had changed your way
Told me we would make this right again
And that all would be good some day
Some day

Some day
It'll take some time to work it out, and find
The answers to things we should have known
Some day!
But in the end I believe we'll erase the doubt
And somehow manage to find our way back home

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