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Maybe He'll Know

This song is by Cyndi Lauper, features Billy Joel and appears on the album True Colors (1986) and on the album Time After Time - The Best Of (2000).

This song is a cover of "Maybe He'll Know" by Blue Angel.
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Maybe He'll Know
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

Maybe he'll know
I'm not so sure
Maybe he'll know, well
Maybe he'll be my cure

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

Maybe he'll know, well
I'm not so sure
Maybe he'll know why
Maybe he'll be, oh oh

Something calls to me, I know
I hear an echo start to pound like a drum
Chanting a song, anchor me
But don't take too long, no no

I got this anxious feeling
I got this ache engraved
In me like stone
Don't take too long
Say you'll never leave me
Say you'll never go
No no no no

Oh oh, oh oh, ...

Written by:

Cyndi Lauper/John Turi

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