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Some Trees (Merrit Moon)

This song is by Cymbals Eat Guitars and appears on the album Why There Are Mountains (2009).

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And now a road connects the cul-de-sac
To the adjacent development
But there used to be trees stretching back
And there was no way through

And I was thankful for the mystery
But by the time that girl had hanged herself
I could have looked out my back window
And watched her neck just snap

Baseball field lights that shine over the shedding pine
Each bulb's a blinding sphere in the secular nation
Unhurried sirens moan
Pitches that glaze my eyes

She's just a pale fleshy typewriter-light
Advertisement for a wind chime that emits rays
Which resonate in the polluted sky

All entrances to the Merritt blocked off I mean
I'd love to believe that death's just the beginning
As the shutters fly open and the breeze gives me pause
I know what's out there
Morning phone calls silence and resentment
And craters a new moon built in a line


Written by:

Joseph D'Agostino

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