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This song is by Cycle and appears on the album Weak On The Rocks (2005).

A melancholy state of mind
Psychic irritation
A walk on Caribbean shores
A little tantrication
Curvature of flesh oh oh
Exotic friendly faces
Surprised to find you feel at home
Come on come on and find a smile
You kill my lice
You flash a bra
You lick it nice
You shootin' star
You lose your pants
You crush a man
You run it up
You're my favourite
Girl I gotta tell ya that you're on the telly
And you're on tonight
Yeah I wanna sell ya
Thatcher ronny roger melly on the right
You love my beard
You trick a spy
You melt a gun
You eat a fly
You find your pants
You understand
You run it up
You are my favourite
Girl I gotta tell ya...
A melody a beat a groan
Free of limitation
The weight of all the things you own
So what
Fire on the beach at dawn
With dancer and her sisters
Clothes are off the water's warm
Come on come on and find a smile
Girl I gotta tell ya...

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