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This song is by Cutty Cartel.

It goes...
Milk, chocolate, Jagermeister
If Girl bad, then I might just bite her
(Bite ya!)
Quench my thirst, and I might just wipe up
And I don't take shots Shorty
Fill my cup up!
See I don't usually drink and drive
Your momma got Scrappy on DUI
Your old man looking like he gona hurt me
But the Apple Bottom martini got me thirsty


Just another night
With Patron up on the night shift
Looking for the right one, Baby

(I'm looking, looking)

Club was damn crowded
Couldn't move around
When I bumped into this beautiful Lady
She grabbed my hand
Lead me to the dance floor
Without a word
I had nothing to say
The smile on her face
Made me grab her waist
And I knew it was on
I was blown away

Girl you're lookin' like a big ol' cup
I'm wishing I can fill you up
And turn around and drink you down

Girl you're lookin' like a big ol' glass
I pray you let me feel your ass
And turn around, drink You down

I'm So Thristy

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