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Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway?

This song is by Curved Air and appears on the album Phantasmagoria (1972).

But I keep looking over my shoulder to see if it's there
But you keep looking over your shoulder to see if I'm there

"Oh, when I was a little Ghost, a merry time had we!
Each seated on his favourite post,
We chumped and chawed the buttered toast
They gave us for our tea."


Written by:

Francis Monkman (poem by Lewis Carroll Wikipedia16)

Liner Notes:

Recorded At E.M.S. (London) by kind permission of Peter Zinovieff; This track consists entirely of tapes of Sonja's voice analyzed and processed by a PDP 8/L computer and a Synthi 100 Synthesizer. The final tapes were edited and prepared for performance by Francis Monkman and Robert Carvell

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