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Everyone Loves Lovers

This song is by Curtis Stigers and appears on the album Let's Go Out Tonight (2012).

Everyone loves lovers
Rockin' hand in hand
Blue eyed boy, brown eyed girl fame
See the woman with the man
Once they were strangers
Now they re going home
Everyone, everyone loves lovers
Except when you re alone
The world s in love with lovers
Throws open every door
Diamond ring who round her finger
They ain t looking anymore
Running through the rain drop
Stealing kisses in the sun

Except when you don t have one
Everyone loves lovers
Hear them talking on the phone
Baby baby I miss you so much
I meet when you re coming home
Thank god I ve found you
Now I ll never be alone
Everyone, everyone loves loversexcept when you re alone
Except when you re alone
Is everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone s wants love
You re not alone
You re not alone
No no no
You re not alone
You re not alone

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