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When Summer's Over Will We Dream Of Spring

This song is by Cursive and appears on the album The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song (1998).

A safe position
Our back against the wall
A simple shrug to shrug the questions off
There's no action
There is no reaction
Coveted, I fight the consequence
So if no one moves
And no one speaks a word
We could act ok

We must stand still
We must honor the stalemate
And we will slumber
Have we ever been awake?
Have we done a thing?
When summer's over will we dream of spring?
Saftey could be disabling
A crippled history is all it succeeds

A safe position
Turn off the phone
Hang the blankets over the windows
'Cause if no one's home
Then know one's responsible
There's no response but just two blind eyes
To see through you
Well, they won't see you anymore

We must stand still
We must honor the stalemate
Until we find out
Have we ever been present?
Are we too past-tense
When summer's over
Will we face our home
Saftey is disabling
A crippled history

You're safe with me
Coveted, I fight the season
You're safe with me
When summer's over will you dream of your crippled history
Crippled history crippled history crippled history...

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