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Target Group

This song is by Cursive and appears on the album Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes (1997).

There's no use going to Des Moines
I heard it's just like here
I guess it's just like everywhere
As for us, I guess we're not immune
Look at our same plain face

Still I assume this subject identity
Shared with all the kids that qualify
And that's a pretty high percentage to embrace
But easier to clasify
'Cause all my friends are in the same target group
And all of them look like all of you

And they're restless in standstill
But they don't know where to go
They don't know...

I wish
I could dissappear
My unwhole self
Away from here
Away from here... NOW!

I don't want to let it sit around
Just make it go away
Let it cure itself, let it be a cure for us
And if I never leave this hole
Make sure you bury me here with all my dead friends
We'll make a toast to the ones who ran away

Just get me through...
Just get me through...
Just get me through....

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