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This song is by Cursive and appears on the album The Ugly Organ (2003).

In the desert, where the cities are made of gold
There's a girl playing hopscotch with pink ribbon pigtails
And her mom calls out from an apartment balcony
"Come on baby, your bath is ready! It's almost time for sleep!"
And I wonder, who's the father...
And I wonder what they call her... oh, Sierra

Does her mother smoke or does she jog every morning?
Does she drink when she thinks about me?
Or doesn't she need to drink?
Does she have a man who works a nine-to-five?
Does he come home to kiss our young Sierra
Tuck her in and say goodnight?
And an extra kiss for Mama
I want that kiss, that kid, that apartment

I'm ready to settle down now
So get that man out of my bed
I want my daughter back now
I wanna kiss her
Tuck her in and say, "Goodnight
My baby girl, Sierra"

Sierra, Sierra, Sierra, Sierra
I'll never know, know who you are and I don't deserve to
Sierra, Sierra, Sierra, Sierra
My little girl, we would've been so... oh, never mind

But I'm ready to settle down now
Yeah, I'm ready to leave that wrecking ball behind
And I could be your carpenter
And you could be my twinkling North Star over the desert sky

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