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May Flowers

This song is by Cursive.

I colored this picture for you
A little girl crying in her room
Her mom's just outside the door holding her head
And her brother's outside shooting hoops
Yeah, you can see him past her windowsill, but we're not looking at him the same ever again
Baby what'd he do to you? Come on what's happened to you? Tell mama that you're ok? May flowers she won't say a single word the doctor's gave up on her, some things just can't be cured
Or covered up
These days she's hardly alive
She's already dead in the eyes
The house has been silent ever sine
Tell me what happened to caroline
Whatever happened to caroline? Baby what'd he do to you? Come on what's happened to you? Mama knows it hurts inside (deflowered) "when you're on your feed again you'll grow a resilience to those cold, unrelenting showers." May flowers grow taller, the harder April storms on the land
If you knew these storms were gonna come:.i thought mothers protected their young
Those rainclouds are hiding your son
Now look at what happened to caroline! Whatever happened to caroline? How do we solve a problem like -uh oh
Ugh uh, you don't
Still we've got to catch those clouds, we've got to keep them down
How do we solve a problem we don't want to know about? Uh oh, we don't

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