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Break In the New Year

This song is by Cursive and appears on the album The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song (1998).

New years ago
We drank and danced and left our sour hearts behind
We sweetened for a kiss --
The kiss of a new year to come
But those days are gone
We never got resolution -- it never comes
All the best wishes were blown
So blow out your candles -- the year won
So long, to longing for the resurrection of an unbrindled wantonness

Break in the new year...
Break in the new year...
Break in the new year...
Break in the new year...

Whipped us in shape
We must stay afraid -- our new god is discipline
New, but hardly improved, it's just new cliches
"They might nail your hands, but your neck has been saved"
So break in the new year with a vintage wine
Here's to aging, when some things just get bitter with age
And other are made to be broken
Broken in...

We're disciples of discipline
Sweetened for the kiss...

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