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At Conception

This song is by Cursive and appears on the album Happy Hollow (2006).

Jeannie has been
Throwing up
All morning

The poor girl's
Been so heartsick
Ever since her boyfriend went to war

Father Cole
Has done his best
To console her girl

More so than some neighbors
Deem necessary
But he does count and measure young love

Picketing the clinic outside town
Father Cole holds the record
For turning twelve girls around

If anybody knows
The sorrows of the
Young woman it's

Father Cole
He's been acting
Out of sorts

That strange sermon he gave
"Accept the germination due to rain."

She's carrying

But there's
One awful catch
Her boyfriend's been off
In the desert for half a year

Cole cried:
"This simply cannot be!"
She quipped quite the opposite:
"I'm hardly The Virgin Mary!..."

"...And you're no carpenter..."
"...So who will build my home?"
"Jeannie you are just a kid!"
"You can't conceive such mortal sins!"

Everything will be all right

What happens in confession,
Stays in the confessional (x3)
So what goes on behind those curtains...

"Jeannie you're just a kid,
You won't conceive this mortal sin."

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