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​Unnecessary Person

This song is by Cursed and appears on the album III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep (2008).

I longed and I waited for something with teeth and it came in the form of this prosthetic face
All wrapped up in paper like fire trucks for orphans
The eyes were the holes where they burned out the maps that we made
You don't find your way back from this place
So onwards and upwards, the skies were erected
We fell from great heights but now we try to make the best of our time down here
Half an hour after the devil knows you're dead, you've got keys to the city, striking Faustian bargains
Saying "Did we agree on a nominal fee for the sins of the fathers to be struck from the records? Burn up and blown away
And take every last trace of the telltale corpses and indiscretions we wish would lay low
Lay low
Close your eyes and think of Christmas 'cause we're not getting out of here intact
They burn out the eyes, you don't find your way back from this place
You got keys to the city but it's nowhere and you're guilty of everything
But I know a town where you can buy absolution for a song