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​Friends In The Music Business

This song is by Cursed and appears on the album III: Architects Of Troubled Sleep (2008).

Hit Record 'cause it's all fucking pearls
A bridge-burner to end them all
Don't want to bite the hand that feeds - I want to fucking break it off
When they say "You'll never work in this town again", is that a promise or a threat? Businessmen dressed up like friends, they want to talk about business or friendship
The more confused the better the guilt trip
After all I did for you, don't you owe me this? Sign the paper, sign the paper, This Document Is Legally Blinding
We the undersigned do solemnly swear by The Plan
To break down on every highway from here to Creation
To play the game and sit still for pictures
How's your draw? Does it look good on paper? You'd better be someone? Oh aren't you anyone? Gonna be somebody
We got friends in the music business
They're gonna take care of all the details
So is it business or pleasure? The more confused the better
Don't call me and I won't call you